Foundation Plans: Foundation plans are often required by building officials before issuing a permit to construct a new residential home or commercial building.  We prepare engineered foundation plans for both site-built homes and manufactured homes.  Our foundation designs are prepared using AutoCad and are very detailed, with notes and specifications for construction of all foundation wall and interior/exterior pad members. The foundation plan is based on the building plan; with all foundation members dimensioned, allowing construction of the foundation without relying on information from the building plan.

Leverington & Associates, Inc. also prepares FHA/HUD Foundation Certificates for Manufactured Homes.  Often mortgages are available for the purchase of new or existing manufactured homes, but they often require a foundation certification or design.  The reason behind this is that most mortgages written by a lender are almost certain to be insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), a division of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  As a condition of providing insurance, the FHA requires that the foundation for new homes be designed by, and the design sealed by a licensed Professional Engineer. The design must comply with FHA guidelines. For existing homes, a Professional Engineer is required to certify that the foundation meets the FHA requirements. The HUD Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing, publication number HUD-007487 is the basis for the FHA requirements.

Structural Analysis and Design is required in by the International Building Code for the stability of structures and public safety.  This may apply to the determination of safe live and dead loads, as well as seismic and wind resistance.  Structural plans and calculations are often necessary for all commercial developments, and residential structures that are not standard construction.  We can prepare your framing plans.

Retaining Walls are sometimes necessary to allow more efficient use of the land, or to mitigate elevation differences where there is no room for graded slopes. We may provide structural calculations, typical details, and wall profiles as required.

Structural Assessments as sometimes needed to assess the adequacy of existing structures.  Cracking, deflections and other deformations are often indicators that the structure is compromised.  We will perform your structural assessment in accordance with the American Society of Civil Engineers Guideline for Structural Condition Assessment of Existing Buildings (SEI/ASCE 11-99).