Subdivision Development All new divisions of real property must be done in accordance with local regulations. We can assist with subdivision planning to balance the maximum number of new lots with the governing ordinances and site limitation and development costs. We prepare the Preliminary Plan that is generally required for the application to the city or county a subdivision. Once the subdivision application is approved, we then may prepare the site improvement plans, and the Final Plat. The Final Plat is the official document that creates the new lots or parcels when it is filed with the County Clerk & Recorder.

Residential & Commercial Development We work with you and your designer or architect to locate your new home or business at the desired location, while conforming to local zoning regulations. Many factors must be considered with the efficient development of property. These may include topographic constraints, access to public streets, utility connections, storm water mitigation, and environmental issues.

Land Development Services include:

  • Land Planning
  • Site Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Site Layouts
  • Preliminary and Final Platting
  • Storm Water Management (SWMP) Plans
  • Site Grading Drainage and Erosion Control Plans
  • Paving, Storm and Sanitary
  • Sewer and Water Design
  • On-Site Wastewater Treatment (Septic) Systems
  • Trail Design
  • Permitting
  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Cost Estimates
  • Marketing Exhibits